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Animal Planet - Get information about your favorite Animal Planet shows, website features and games relating to your favorite animal.
Discovery Channel Insider - Get the inside information on Discovery Channel programs, as well as exclusive video, games, podcasts and more!
HD Theater - Find out what's coming up on HD Theater… showcasing real-world programming in the stunning clarity and vivid color of high definition.
Discovery Health - Get information concerning the latest advances in health care and tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Discovery Home Channel - Get tips and sneak previews of upcoming shows from the network that shows you how to redesign your life.
Discovery Kids Parent Newsletter - Use our monthly newsletter as your guide to our very best kid-friendly features. Find the latest content that you can trust to make learning fun for your children (and for you, too).
Discovery Times - Go deeper into today's news stories as we take you where only the experts have been.
Fit TV - Get motivated, get moving, get the information you need to keep your body running like a finely tuned machine.
Military Channel - Go behind the scenes with personal stories, technology and strategies from the defenders of our nation.
National Body Challenge - Get tools and tips for getting (and staying) fit, as you follow the competitors who have taken the challenge.
Planet Green (Coming Soon) - Get tips on how to live green and stay on top of new developments with expert commentary, reports, imagery and video.
The Science Channel - Become a true insider to the scientific process with breaking news and the stories behind the inventions we take for granted.
TLC - Get behind the scenes information about your favorite TLC shows, special promotions, sweepstakes and offers.
Trading Spaces - Get behind the scenes stories on the cast and crew, sneak previews of upcoming episodes and special offers.
Travel Channel - Get information about your favorite Travel Channel shows, website features and vacation specials.
Travel Channel's All-Poker Newsletter - Your monthly update on WPT and PPT tournaments, special events and chat boards ... with lots of ways to hone your own poker skills online, too. Are you in?

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Discovery Channel Store Offers - Save $5 on your first $25 purchase! Receive exclusive discounts, special promotions and great gift ideas from the Discovery Channel Store, where you'll find award-winning toys, Discovery Channel programming and fan gear from your favorite shows! Teacher-to-Teacher Tipline - Weekly newsletter highlighting the latest teaching resources at Includes downloadable clip art and puzzles.
Kathy Schrock's Site of the School Week - Every week, educational technology expert Kathy Schrock delivers a link to a trusted educational website — and a description of how to incorporate the site into classroom teaching.
Teacher's Store Special Offers - Get the latest in special offers and discounts on award-winning Discovery Education videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs.
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