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Context Specific Glossary
Below you will find a definition of everything you can do on the page you came from.

Information corresponding to a subscriber using Cheetah Mail, including subscriber first name, subscriber last name, subscriber gender, subscriber age group, subscriber e-mail address, subscriber password, subscriber zip code, subscriber e-mail reader program. All demographic data is used by Cheetah Mail only to target ads. It will not be released to anyone except the publishers the subscriber subscribes to.
E-Mail Address
Address where products subscribed to will be sent. The e-mail address is also used as the unique text string to identify a subscriber. This field is often referred to as the user id or system logon id.
Text string used to validate a subscriber e-mail address and allow access to the subscriber. Both the subscriber password and the subscriber e-mail address are required before access to the system is granted.
E-Mail Reader Program
Electronic mail package used by the subscriber. This information is used to determine the best format to use when sending subscribed to products to the subscriber.
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Must be complete first name, no initials.
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